The Rusty Nail: Stowe, VT

I think people would find it rather odd if I started a shiny new blog with a bad review for a restaurant. But I have to share my experiences with this place.

In Stowe, VT, they have an annual antique car show that I try to go to every year. I don't understand why there are people living there. When I go every year, there are only 3 things to do, eat, drink, and watch all the antique cars drive around. This is a ski town, so I can see a lot of peeps coming here in the winter, but hey, this is August.

It's a very nice, laid back place, and I love going up there. Up in the mountains is the Boyden Valley Winery that we go to every year, and sometimes we want to go up there just to visit this place. Their wines are excellent, but thats another blog.

Anyways, this place... The Rusty Nail, is the 1st (and hopefully last) time I have ever walked out of a restaurant without ordering anything, not even appetizers to eat.

We arrived around 8:30-9ish to find it surprisingly empty. The place inside has a nice low light ambiance which I am a fan of, but they have a lot of space going to waste. Only half of this wide open barn is used, and people dining can see the dark eerie side of the restaurant that isn't used.

We were seated immediately, but it did take a while for our waiter to finally arrive at our table. After handing us our menus, he took our drink orders, 3 Sam Adams, 1 Smithwicks, and 1 of their signature beers, all on tap.

Studying the menu, I realized there isn't much on it at all for main courses, and nothing that is suiting my mood. After 15 mins of looking it over, I decided I can try out their "Ragin' Cajun" meal (grilled Cajun chicken breast, spicy Andouille sausage and sweet bell peppers in a Cajun cream sauce, with farfalle pasta). Everyone else was having a tough time with entree desicions, but everyone reached a compromise with a heavy sigh.

Then the drinks came, bleh. One flat Smithwicks, 3 sour Sam Adams, and a "specialty beer" that tasted like a sour Sam Adams with some generic IPA mixed in.

That was enough. We asked for the check and thats all we were going to have. We had no problem paying for the drinks, bad or not. The waiter took his sweet time getting us the check, a whole 20 mins of his sweet time. I will admit that when we were throwing down our money, we did not leave a tip.

The Rusty Nail, you don't deserve a beard rating from me, it will take a while for your beard to grow, and you will probably never have a manly beard worthy of being classified as Lumberjack.

Besides, there was nothing good to look at in there except the pair behind the bartending counter.


Randy said...

I don't remember you having a beard? Hey aren't you also on too?

DestroXXIV said...

Dude. Some other guy pretends to be the bearded chef. And he's not good.